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    Astromancy and Star Soul



    You will find this in the constellation tab at the bottom of your screen. Here we can see circles with various stats and colours. Green, Blue and Purple. These are called Star Spirit Gems.

    At the bottom of the page is where we buy these gems, either with gold (max 30 times) or topaz (unlimited times)
    You can purchase x10 for 95000 gold or x10 for 95 topaz. Or untick the wholesale purchase box if you wish
    to buy 1 at a time. Everytime you buy a gem the value of astromancy will increase randomly. Filling the bar to 100 activates 1
    random astrolabe. The more attempts, the higher the level of astrolobe given. These are the 3 circles at the bottom of the page.
    Blue, purple and orange.

    Once we have used our 30 attempts, we then click on an astrolobe.


    I will start with blue. Click "Spin blue starry sky" I have 6 so i click 6 times. I then click Return equipment so i can go back to the last page and repeat with
    purple and orange. Doing this i receive 1 random gem per click, leaving me with a page like this.


    So above on the right are all my star gems i have. I have many green gems that i don't want so i'll turn them into Spirit power. I look to the bottom screen as in picture below.


    To get rid of all the green gems at once, i set the dropdown box at the very bottom right of screen to "star spirit is low" blue colour
    and click consume. All greens are gone. I don't need the blue gems either so i set the dropdown box to "star spirit is low" purple colour
    Click consume, all blue gems have gone. To get rid of all purple at once i set the dropdown box to "star spirit is low" orange colour


    Note: If you set Star spirit is low to purple, it will turn ALL blue and green gems into Spirit power in one click. If you set Star spirit is low to orange, ALL purple, blue and green gems will turn into Spirit power in one click. So be careful how you set this if you do not want to get rid of all gems at once.

    So getting rid of unwanted gems has left me with 39944 Spirit Power.
    This is used to upgrade the level of gems you are using and receive higher stats. You do this by clicking the arrows next to a star gem, as seen on the left.


    If i also wanted to turn these orange gems on the right into star power, i would click "eat" then click on these gems. When i am finished, i click "spit out" which brings my normal cursor back.

    So "eat" is used to turn 1 gem at a time into Spirit Power. "Spit out" is used to stop eating. "Consume" is used to eat all of 1 colour or more in 1 click

    Star spirit soul


    I have 7 of these as seen in picture. You want to keep these. Click on, which brings up the page on the left
    of the picture. You need 20 of these to purchase 1 Red lvl star gem
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