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    Hi guys i’m Ryleight from server 5, today i share with us the easy way for beat your boss in appearance instance.

    the first thing to keep in mind is that you have 1 minute 30 seconds to defeat it, when the boss is stronger than you by a high margin, you can do the following as in my case, i have 7 million br the boss surpasses me with 800k br as us can see in the screen

    1.the first 10 seconds if you can take 10% of the boss's life, use the skill Divine incarnation, you need to try it several times if can’t take 10% health in 10 seconds, the stat critic is an important factor here, level of medals, extra damage of military stats or dmg of ring.


    2. when the time reach 60 seconds in the countdown and you done taking 40% of the boss's life, it is a success Now is yours!! , don’t trust too much in auto mode sometimes it takes a few seconds to use the skill, and time is what you cannot lose, you need to give a quick death.

    3. Congratulations! You win the lottery!

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