Goodbye Soon :(

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    As some of may already know as I made a facebook post. I will be moving From Canada to New Zealand on May 24th. I have given my notice. I will try to stay on to help the new mod when I can. I dont know how much it will cost for internet there. Ive been very busy with all sorts of prep work as in visiting family before I go. So Im sorry if I havnt been able to respond to your messages as fast as I normally do. Its been a interesting experience in the last year and half. Ive learned alot. My wish is to see Dragon Ring expand and grow into a healthy community. Ive tried so hard to work with individuals and guilds to help with find a happy medium solutions without flooding support with each and every little issue. (Yes thast part of a moderators job, to minimize paperwork as much as possible).

    I wish everyone in Dragon Ring and 101xp good luck and will miss u all. Any questions can be asked of me on discord or my facebook page..

    Again Thank you
    ~Allyisah Moderator
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    New Zealand? Great and big envy, it's beautiful land!
    Good luck in your life :)
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