Gold disappears or more is taken

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    I really have a few issues to revamp here. One issue is my screens are freezing when I do a battle - whether it's Clash of Might, Zodiac, any battle where the screen comes up. It just "freezes" and then I have to refresh. Another HUGE issue is my gold went from 19 billion to about 14/15 Million last week - without using it for anything! Today, I went to enhance a helmet (I had 142+ million in gold) that should have cost me 13,857, 070 to enhance, and after I enhanced it, I noticed my gold was 1,021,485 gold remaining! That only means it took 138 Million to enhance and not 13,857,070! That is 13 Million, NOT 138 Million to purchase. I have played this game because I like it and enjoy it, but it makes it very difficult to enjoy when it is costing me so much to replace everything constantly. Please figure out a way to fix these glitches so that the game works correctly. I'm sure you won't get many complaints if things work right and people get what they pay for or work hard for.