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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Ruffles, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Hi DB team,

    Introducing the "Mirage Destruction" was a big hit. Many high BR players now own this gear. However, this has greatly changed the dynamics of the PvP fights, making them awfully quick and repetitive. This might only be my opinion, but I feel like this has taken away some of the game's beautiful complexity, making it more brutal yet simple.

    That being said, my suggestion would be to introduce a new feature for high-level players (140+ for example), feature that would eventually greatly improve their character's defense and HP. This would be in the optic of bringing PvP fights back to more than 1 or 2 rounds.

    Thank you for considering this idea,

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  2. Lav[12936431]

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    Jun 1, 2016
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    I have a question as a player myself----If the players have the Mirage and they also utilize a new feature that increases defense and hp will the battles not continue as they are?--

    I do agree that the mirage destruction was a game changer. The idea is good and we will try to make these suggestions to the developers.
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    I would like to comment on this , the idea is great but there are still options to avoind 1-2 round pvp. For example orion card on some of the heroes.
    Also there is a feature in game where you can increase your defense again mirage it called anti crit defens breack block, block if these stats are higher than the opponents, you get scratches only. However i can agree this increases only the gap( and very expensive) between players but this is how this game is designed in my opinion.

    Positive side effect of ppl pushing the main stats like crit, breack block, block and anti crit you can advance in dragons and void. If these ppl are willing to help others ofc.

    This is my personal opinion.

    By the way the problem would still be the same if they introduce some sort of feature. Just think about element seals, it is increasing your defense and hp but in other hand it is for all avialable to use it so the end result is the same as Alice said before.

    My personal opinion would be to make the game more team based like void , i just love these kind of features, but also i would consider AI if you can not find anyone for a certain time which would be close to your strengh like in the challange road event(hire them maybe for a small percent of gold to enable for every players) or just make it possible somehow to make a mercenary system for fixed gold amount as it is a serious issue in any lvl and make the price fixed like the following small example:

    Hire price Player level( player who want to get help)

    500.000 160-165
    1.000000 165-170
    1.500.000 170-175
    2.000000 175+

    These figures are not huge but over time and number of helps it could increase the income significant

    Also it could be that 10 percent of the gold comes into a cross server bank and every week the amount is sorted like the weekly rewards for void ranking

    Sorry for some off topic in the second section
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    Hello Ade!

    Thank you for your suggestion i will transfer it to the suggestion list so it can be sended to Dev's.
  5. Gru[26093608]

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    just a simple suggestion put a server clock in title / tool bar.