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    This is so frustrating all I can think of doing is quitting this game! I can't even file a support ticket because one of the boxes can't be filled out (Category), so it won't allow the ticket to even go. The game is getting worse with battles "freezing" so you have to refresh....I've had to refresh everything constantly for 3-4 months now. It is getting OLD! It is not just the battles freezing - lots of problems with the game and a lot of the people in my guild just won't play anymore due to the problems. NOW, tonight, I buy 4K diamonds in Precious Pro and I get the 4K and the 1K but NOT the 2K with the purchase. What's up with that????? I'm frustrated as a buyer and something like this happens?? I am beginning to hate this game due to all the problems and me getting screwed out of my hard-earned money!!