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    An update has come today, May 21

    Goal Shooting
    From May 21-25 shoot balls and get rewards!

    Warlord Chest

    Sweet dreams

    Sweet House

    From 21.05 to 27.05 get new pet fashion in the exhange shop!

    Treasure Shop
    Visit Treasure Shop from May 21-28! Exchange and get unique items.

    Recharge Rewards
    Recharge to get amazing prizes!

    Gold Chest
    Buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys.

    Recharge Revelry
    During the Carnival Recharge event, recharge a specific amount of Balance to receive Carnival Recharge Chest

    Fishing master
    Fishing Master will be available from May 26-30. Take part in the event and show everybody that you are a natural-born angler! Fish once, 10 or 50 times and catch awesome rewards including talent cards, fashion sets and red astrals!

    Lucky Capsule

    Balen Mine
    Hoes can be obtained for recharging. The number of hoes reserts at 00:00.

    Explore the Maze

    Pet Wheel
    Spin the wheel to get vital pet progression items!

    Lucky Draw
    Grab your lucky tickets and win the lottery in the new Lucky Draw event from May 24 to 27! Available for players above level 3

    Treasure of the Gods

    Hero's Altar
    Attack the boss to earn points and win positions in the cross-server ranking!

    Magic Soul Wheel
    Magic Soul Wheel will be available from May 28 to 2.06 Spin the wheel to get items!

    Limited-time Rebate

    Have fun!
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