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    Zodiac Smash
    On May 18 you can learn your sign's fate for this day! Use Zodiac cards to test your luck and get the treasures hidden in the Zodiac. This event will last till May 20.

    Mystery Shop
    All lvl 50+ players will be able to enter the Mystery Shop and purchase Mystery Crystals to exchange them for precious items such as talent cards, fashion, dragon parts and other prizes!

    Tree of the Ancients
    Plant your tree and obtain rewards! EXP and pet items await you!

    Mount Capsule
    You will get an opportunity to test your luck in the Mount Capsule event. Use Mount Lucky coin to open capsules!

    Gold Chest
    Buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys.

    Egg Crack
    Break eggs and get valuable prizes!

    Shake the Tree
    Shake the tree and get apples full of Balens!

    Pet Field
    Use silver and golden picks to get pet items from pet eggs.

    Magic Touch
    Get additional bonuses for participating in the Golden Touch event.

    Have fun!

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