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    An update has come today, March 12

    Goal Shooting
    From March 12-16 shoot balls and get rewards!

    Explore the Maze
    Find your path to exquisite items!

    Goddess Card
    Use balens to draw blanks on the left, each level has 20 ordinary and 1 special final draw, the special one can be used after 20 ordinary draws. If you activate one row or column, you will be able to open the chest near them. 40 rounds are available per day. The main reward you can get is talent card fragments.
    The event is available to lvl 80+ players.

    Warlord Chest

    Treasure Shop

    Visit Treasure Shop from March 12-17 ! Exchange and get unique items.

    Fight to the end

    Super Discount Mall

    Visit our brand new mall! Get precious items for yourself or your friends and enjoy generous discounts, as well as bonus points!

    Dragon Orb Stele

    Recharge Revelry.

    Get precious rewards like Talent cards, Runes and Gems!

    Hero's Altar

    Fishing master

    Fishing Master will be available from March 17-20. Take part in the event and show everybody that you are a natural-born angler! Fish once, 10 or 50 times and catch awesome rewards including talent cards, fashion sets and red astrals!

    Ultimate Battle

    Join the furious PvP battle!

    Mystery Shop

    Tree of the Ancients

    Plant your tree and obtain rewards! EXP and pet items await you!

    Mount Capsule

    Gold Chest

    Buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys.

    Explore The Castle

    Shake the Tree

    Shake the tree and get apples full of Balens!

    Ocean Hut

    Magic Touch

    Get additional bonuses for participating in the Golden Touch event.

    Have fun!

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