Fresh update is here!

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    An update has come today, November 6

    Nov 06 - 10: Goal Shooting. Get rewards for Goal Shooting and exchange your dragon medal for precious items.

    Nov 06 - 10: Wheel of Joy. Spin the wheel to win rare items.

    Nov 06 - 08: Pet Wheel. Spin the wheel to get vital pet progression items!

    Nov 06 - 10: Hero's Altar. Attack the boss to earn points and win positions in the cross-server ranking!

    Nov 06 - 11: Treasure Shop. Exchange and get unique items.

    Nov 06 - 12: Late Autumn. Check out what is interesting here and choose a reward to your liking!

    Nov 06 - 12: Super Discount Mall. Visit our brand new mall! Get precious items for yourself or your friends and enjoy generous discounts, as well as bonus points!

    Nov 09 - 12: Dragon Orb Stele. Pray and obtain rewards from the Dragon Lord.

    Nov 11 - 14: Recharge Revelry. Get precious rewards like Talent cards, Runes and Gems!

    Nov 11 - 14: Royal Brewery. Show your brewing skills and collect different items!

    Nov 11 - 13: Egg Crack Break. Break eggs and get valuable prizes!

    Nov 11 - 15: Ultimate Battle. Join the furious PvP battle!

    Nov 13 - 15: Magic Soul Wheel. Spin the Wheel to get Magic Souls and other items to use in Magic Circle.

    Nov 13 - 19: Tree of the Ancients. Plant your tree and obtain rewards! EXP and pet items await you!

    Nov 14 - 17: Lucky Capsule. Participate to get new Fashion items!

    Nov 15 - 19: Gold Chest. Get keys and open the gold chests for rewards!

    Nov 15 - 19: Explore the Maze. Find your path to exquisite items!
    Nov 15: Shake the Tree. Shake the tree and get apples full of Balens!

    Nov 16 - 19: Ocean Hunt. Join the treasure hunt using treasure maps and scrolls!

    Nov 18 - 19: Magic Touch. Get additional bonuses for participating in the Golden Touch event.