Fresh update is here!

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    Awesome events await!

    Goal Shooting


    Balen Mine

    Hoes can be obtained for recharging. The number of hoes reserts at 00:00.

    Tree of the Ancients

    Treasure Shop

    You can purchase awesome things there!

    Super Discount Mall

    Cross-Server Flower Ranking

    Pet Field

    Zodiac Smash.

    On July 22 you can learn your sign's fate for this day! Use Zodiac cards to test your luck and get the treasures hidden in the Zodiac. This event will last till July 24.

    Recharge revelry
    From July 24 to 28 you will get a great opportunity to take part in the Recharge Revelry event! Top-up, get the chests for your recharges and use these chests in order to get precious rewards such as talent cards, runes and gems!

    Have fun!