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    Dec 27, 2017
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    I am unable to file a support ticket because the "Category" button doesn't give any choices, so I am putting my displeasure here (not that it will do any good). I am getting more and more upset (and that is putting it nicely) about all of the issues of this game: freezing during battles (so stop, refresh and try again); freezing in World Boss so I can't even turn a card (which my husband, LA, says I would have had diamonds); constant issues every single day that take away my resources due to freezing or "just because"; and many other problems this game has! I buy diamonds to better my characters, and you (the game) just keep taking them away without any compensation. I am a pretty patient person, but not when I use my retirement money to buy diamonds and resources just to lose them to a game that has so many issues as to STEAL them from me. I see others complaining about the issues and yet there is still nothing done about them. Instead of coming up with "new" games, you should FIX what issues there are with the previous games. Stupid idea you think? What is stupid, is the fact of us continuing to buy diamonds just to feed your technology for new game - pull your heads out of your backsides, please, and take care of your paying customers before diving head-long into making another game!!! I am sick and tired of using my money for your advantage - and NOT giving me the opportunity I should have playing this game.