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    Forum Rules
    Forum rules apply to and are obligatory for every forum member without any exceptions.These principles are a codex, that should provide a clarification to any moderator actions.

    A moderator is a forum member that provides help to the administration in managing the community. A moderator does not have the goal to delete any messages considered “undesirable” in the eyes of community. We always welcome any discussions between our players and are open to constructive criticism.

    Nevertheless, we are strictly against:
    • Profanity and any cases of obscene language. Veiled profanity, such as acronyms, words that consist mostly of special symbols etc. Any words that can be considered obscene will be deleted;
    • Any types of messages, vulgar or rude in nature;
    • Any form of insult towards the administration, moderators, the game itself or the company as well any forum member. Players, not capable of communicating without resorting to insults will not be able to communicate on our forums at all;
    • Appeals and calls to leave the game, delete the launcher and any intentions to harm the game’s reputation;
    • Any discussions of third-party games and products.

    General rules of moderation.

    The following types of messages will be deleted:
    • meaningless messages;
    • inquiries regarding a previous post\message deletion;
    • any negative discussion regarding the forum moderation;
    • any insults;
    • any destructive propaganda (appeals to leave the game etc.)
    Forum account can be temporarily blocked for:
    • repeating the same, already deleted message;
      insults, obscene language and profanity;
    • any other forum rules violations.
    • Stick to the topic of the discussion;
    • Respect your interlocutors;
    • Be respectful, do not resort to profanity, insults and general rudeness;
    • Political, national and religious discussions are forbidden;
    • Anything forbidden in respective countries is also forbidden on this forum;
    • Advertising, sales, destructive propaganda and disinformation are forbidden;
    • Use the search tool before asking a question;
    • Make sure the topic you want to create is in the correct section of the forum;
    • Start a topic that requires a detailed discussion. It is not recommended to start a thread that only requires a single answer. There are several threads that were created for such purposes;
    • If you would like to thank anyone on the forum it is best to like the post using the appropriate function;
    • If you witness a violation, refrain from pointing it out publicly. Use the appropriate report function.
    The administration reserves the right of the final word in any controversial situations.


    The current set of rules is a comprehensive list of violations that will entail a certain action. Cases that are not covered by this set will be reviewed individually by the forum administration.
    1.2. This set is covers the entire forum, namely any types of messages, topic names, polls, profile names, avatars, photo-materials etc.
    1.3. The forum’s purpose is news publishing and hosting discussions between its registered members. The forum can be viewed openly by any unregistered participants. Game, technical problems, hardware and software compatibility discussions are welcomed as well as game mechanics, walkthroughs and any other discussions on the topic of the game itself.
    1.4. It is appropriate to address a forum member by his or her nickname or a name (if allowed).
    1.5. Order on the forums is maintained by the forum administration which is represented by 101xp staff members and moderators.
    1.6. The forum is post-moderated. The administration reviews any posts within one day. The administration does not bear any responsibility for any information published by any member. The administration reserves the right to edit messages if they violate the set of forum rules.
    1.7. Posting links to any information page is viewed as publishing it and is moderated based on the forum rules.
    1.8. The administration reserves the right to edit or delete a message/thread, public information in a user’s profile, close user access (partially or completely) to the forum at any time and without prior notice or obligation.
    1.10. These rules do not apply to the administrative messages of the administration and to its actions related to ensuring the functionality of the forum and the game.
    1.11. The representatives of the 101XP company have the right of a final word in resolving any disputes.
    1.12. Personal messages between participants are not moderated. Exceptions: advertising, spam, threats of reprisal, sale of account / game items.
    1.13. The administration has the right to make any changes on the forum without prior notification of the participants, including changing the rules of communication and introducing additional rules into separate sections

    What is forbidden on the forum:
    One-user registration of more than one account, even if the account is blocked.
    2.2. Logging on the forum using another member’s account.
    2.3. Obscene language of any kind. Swearing and / or euphemisms, vulgar and crude expressions, obscene vocabulary and phraseology, either veiled or graphical and in any other language.
    2.4. Flame in any of its manifestations. Rude,aggressive attitude towards any of the forum participants is forbidden. Insults (deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity) and slander both towards users of the forum and any other persons (including legal persons) are forbidden.
    2.4.1. Flaming against the administration, 101XP company, game developers. Distortion of the name of the company, the names / nicknames of the administration is treated as flame.
    2.5. Discrimination of any kind. Violence or hatred towards nations or ethnic groups incitement, declaring racial/national/religious/gender or any other superiority.
    2.6. Terrorism, extremism, fascism or nationalism propaganda.
    2.7. Open discussion and propaganda of violence, weaponry, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.
    2.8. Pornographic or erotic context and graphic violence.
    2.9. Posting materials that would violate legal copyrights; warez. It is forbidden to discuss illegal or pirated activities, methods of illegal acquisition, distribution, use of objects (software, audio, video or printed products) protected by copyright or related rights.
    2.9.1. Any mentions/ links to websites or distribution of illegal third party content or software (such as bots, anti-anonymizers, serial numbers, “cracks”, hack-tools etc.).
    2.10. Advertising, spamming.
    2.11. Starting a thread with with an ambiguous, insubstantial title. A title should be informative and must reflect the essence of the topic. Any threads labeled: “Help!”, “Attention”, “Question” and such will be left unanswered and deleted.
    2.12. Starting a thread on a similar or same topic. Before creating a new thread make sure there are no such threads existing on the forum already by using the forum’s innate search engine.
    2.13. It is forbidden to post messages that are not related to the topic (offtopic).
    2.14. Cross-posting. Starting a duplicate thread that mimics an existing one.
    2.15. Over formatting the text, CAPS overuse.
    2.16. Flooding. Every message on the forum should have a semantic load. Senseless, insubstantial, filled with emoticons only (consisting exclusively or primarily of smileys and their graphic or verbal equivalents) messages. Quotations of other messages are not in themselves a semantic content.
    2.17. Open publication of private correspondence without the consent of all parties involved and personal information, if this information was not published on public sources in general access (for example, on social media).
    2.17.1 Publication of private correspondence with the administration and the 101xp support team.
    2.18. Unconstructive criticism of the company, its products and administration as well as forum members.
    2.19. Provocations. Destructive propaganda. Any attempts to undermine current game customs, calls to leave the game or violate forum and game rules.
    2.20. Impersonation of the Administration or an authorized representative of the Administration or a staff member. Using staff member’s photos , company logotypes, publishing unofficial news or any materials, spreading rumors and unverified information.
    2.21. It is forbidden to create topics about buying, selling or exchanging items / money, search for and offer services for real money. It is prohibited to trade game accounts for any existing currency, whether virtual or real.
    2.22. Discussion of any vulnerabilities of company resources. It is forbidden to disseminate information about the use of in-game errors and errors of any software accompanying the game, publicly discuss vulnerabilities or flaws in the game, the website of the game or the forum.
    2.23. Disclosure of company confidential information. It is forbidden to post materials and discuss products that are in closed test mode outside of specially designated places; The disclosure of confidential information obtained during testing, as well as when visiting closed sections of the forum, without agreement from the company.
    2.24. Public discussion of the administration actions. In particular, a public discussion of the actions of the administration is:
    • Attempts to continue the discussion ended by a moderator or an administrator (whether in the same topic or by opening a new topic);
    • Reverse-editing a previously edited by a moderator or an administrator message.
    • Re-posting content deleted by a moderator or an administrator.
    2.25. Quoting messages containing rule violations. Such citation is equated with the corresponding violation. Be mindful!
    2.26. A deliberate interference in the work of the forum and the site of the game. It is forbidden to use the forum / site features, its elements or vulnerabilities in any way that may interfere with its normal functioning, or complicate the users’ and / or administrators' usage of the forum / site, access to content and service capabilities.
    2.27. Discussing third-party games and other game companies.
    2.28. Advertising third-party games and companies.
    2.29. Spam, fishing. Referral links to third-party sites.
    2.30. Posting any materials that violate the EULA.
    2.31. Real life threats.
    2.32. Abuse of these rules by users and players, intentional search for inconsistencies between the rules and the User Agreement for the purpose of violations of these rules and user agreement.

    For the violation of these rules, participants are given a warning according to the table of violations, which are calculated by points. Each violation has its own points, as well as a period of expiration and a warning (all active warnings are summarised). Points are reduced upon expiration.

    Ignorance of the rules and the User Agreement does not relieve participants from responsibility.

    The administration is not responsible for any of the members' messages, materials posted that could violate forum rules or can lead to malware infection, equipment damage, harm to health, material losses. For its part, the administration will take all measures to prevent such activities.

    The administration reserves the right to delete / edit messages, topics, signatures of forum members, block accounts without forewarning and explanation.

    • In some sections of the forum, topics may contain additional (local) rules;
    • Forum members have the right to request an explanatory comment on the actions of a moderator through private messages. But the administration is not obliged to give these comments;
    • Moderator actions can be appealed. The decision of the administrator is final and cannot be appealed;
    • In some sub-forums, the message counter can be turned off;
    • As a manner of preventing violations, the administration can verbally warn participants in the discussion about the inadmissibility of violation of forum rules if it considers that the discussion is close to losing relevance and there is a risk of violations occurrence.
    The administration has the right to make changes to the rules without prior warning. If a user does not agree with the forum rules or with the changes, he has the right to stop visiting the resource and ask the administration to block the account on the forum. Starting and continuing to use the resource entails the automatic compliance with the current rules.
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