First spring update is here!

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    Today, on March 2nd, an update was installed and brought some cool events for you! Let's check out what is waiting for you.

    Lucky Wheel
    Don’t miss a chance to get valuable prizes and rubies from March 2nd to 6th.
    1. During the event you can receive a precious reward with a certain number of cumulative rotations!
    2. 10 rubies will be added to a prize pool with every rotation
    Available on servers opened for ≥ 7 days, for ≥60 lvl players


    All Dice Gems
    Available on servers opened for ≥ 7 days, for ≥60 lvl players. Don't miss this cute event from March 7th to 11th.

    Rubies Bonus
    Will be available from March 7th to 11th on servers opened for ≥ 7 days, for ≥60 lvl players

    Other Changes
    Adding the SVIP function
    1. Added the more advanced VIP, the player can open SVIP after reaching VIP10.
    2. After the update, the VIP experience of the player with VIP10 will be automatically converted to the rich value. 10 points VIP experience = 1 point rich value.
    3. SVIP enjoys more privileges and more generous rewards.

    Goblin Treasure
    1. Modified the price of the Magic Crystal that needs to be consumed by the number of challenges

    Play Dragon Glory