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    Look here before asking questions in the group or administration representatives. Here you can find FAQ!

    How do I change my game nickname?
    Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to change a nickname. The exceptions are forbidden nicknames, owners of such nicknames should submit a support request to change nickname.

    Can sex be changed in the game?
    Yes, it can be. To change sex you need to buy gender change card in the store that costs 416 diamonds.

    Is it possible to transmit a character from one server to another?
    No and there are no such updates planned.

    I can’t log into the game. What should I do?
    First of all try to clear your browser cookies and caches. If this does not solve the problem, report about the it in the special threads of the game’s official community or forum, submit a support request.

    I am an active player and would like to become a moderator of a League of Angels. Is this possible?
    We always need more good assistants. Send an application in the special forum topic, and we may contact you.

    I was badly insulted by another player. What should I do so that he/she is punished?
    Take a screenshot of the violation and upload it to the special forum theme so that our moderators could notice your message.
    In the description of the VIP-status it is stated that it is prolonged automatically. How do I cancel a subscription?
    There is no need to cancel subscription. Upon expiry the status will be inactive.

    Which privileges will disappear and which one will remain upon VIP-status expiry?
    After the first activation VIP-status will not disappear completely, it will be inactive.
    Purchased areas of ground and cells for training will remain active, other privileges will disappear.

    I have collected 7 horn’s shards, but have not received the ruby hero.
    To receive the hero you need to enter a forge shop, joint 7 shards into a single horn, then go to the inventory and use this horn. You will receive 300 ruby souls to purchase the hero.

    How do I overthrow the guild leader without his/her agreement?
    This action can occur if the guild leader is absent from the game for more than 7 days. Deputy guild leader with max. contribution for 7 days becomes the new guild leader. If Deputy guild leaders do not meet these requirements, the next guild leader is selected from Veterans and guild members.

    Some suits, pets’ souls and angels' icons cannot be obtained in the store, but the description says the opposite.
    There are a lot of different stores in the game, and not all items are purchased for diamonds. Most of the items stated above can be found in the special event stores that are opened periodically. Keep an eye on the latest things in the game and you will collect the items you want.

    How to bet during a tournament?
    Semi-final and final battles take place a little bit earlier than the specified time. You should login a few minutes before tournament’s Semi-final, Final and Grand-final begin, press the Magnifier near the desired pair of the participants and pay coupons.

    What will be transmitted and what won’t be transmitted in case of hero inheritance?
    Transmitted: hero’s training level, elemental training, blessing upgrades. The level and transfers are not transmitted.

    What happens with Angels’ levels in case of inheritance? In which cases will Seraph stones not be lost?
    The first thing you should know: Angel’s uncompleted development level will be zeroed, therefore it is better to first level up, and then to inherit. In case of inheritance it is better to use the angel of the first level without any improvements as the pre-set angel. Development levels of the initial and pre-set angels are not summed up but the maximum level is selected.

    The event is finished, but there is unused currency (purchase coupons, genie lamp coins, etc.). What is their purpose and why can’t they be sold?
    Most events in the game are cyclic, and repeated in the course of time. After a while these items will be needed again.

    Where can I build a reputation?
    - In the arena and Team arena
    - During the raids in Raiders event
    - When improving the Angel with tiers
    - Through participation in guild’s festivals

    Where can 1999 confidences with friends be obtained for a wedding?
    There are several methods:
    - Blessing in the garden: +20 trust
    - Escorting during Wyrm race: +20 trust
    - Water plants/ exterminate parasites: +3 co trust per one plant/insect
    - Pass Inferno together: +15 trust per one try
    - Pass the Team dungeon together: +4 trust per one try
    - “Compare friends”: +1 trust per one comparison
    - Present “Intimate gift” for 100 diamonds: +100 trust
    - Present roses (during an event): +1 trust per each 9 roses

    My friend and I have tried all methods stated above in a day, but confidence has not increased.
    You can obtain a max. of 200 trust per day. If trust does not increase at all during 2 days, submit a support request.

    Why can’t I become a guest on the wedding or arrange my own wedding?
    Every day there is a restriction: only one party can be arranged and only three other parties can be visited.

    How can the title "Show love" be obtained?
    To obtain the title "Show love” you need to collect 5000 passions at a wedding party.

    How do I activate the following modes in training in addition to the normal mode?
    Hardy mode becomes available after VIP1 activation. Other modes will be available for diamonds.
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