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    What we have to do for being able to participate?
    You have to put your main char ID (where do I find it?) into according sign up thread.

    Can I participate with my main character?
    No. This tournament will be something new. Everyone will start from 0 and has to build up his char during 4 days to be able to claim rewards.

    So rewards are for top players again?
    This depends on which of prizes do you mean. BP and LVL prizes are given to ALL players, who reach needed amount of BP or level. So, if you reach more than lvl 60, you will get prize for reaching lvl 40, 50 and 60 too.Same applies for level up rewards.
    However, for arena you will get only one prize, based on your placement in a moment of tour ending.

    Cool. But what if I decide to buy rubies there, can I? And what will happen to them after tournament end?
    Of course you can buy rubies there to boost your growing process. Moreover, they won’t be lost, because all rubies which you buy on tournament server will be sent back to your main char (and that’s why we need your main ID), including spent ones. Does it sound good enough?

    So, when I join this tournament, I can get all rewards without investing any single ruby? Do I get it right?
    Yes. And remember, highest BP doesn’t need to mean TOP place in arena :)
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