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    Dear Dragoons!
    Check your vigilance! How well do you know the games you play? Write how many characters you see in the comments below!
    Contest rules:
    • All Dragon Blood players can participate;
    • There is only one correct response;
    • 10 winners will be randomly selected from among the players who have given the correct answer;
    • If less than 10 correct answers will be submitted, all participants will receive a prize;
    • The prizes will be sent out to the winners' accounts;
    • The contest takes place only on the official Dragon Blood Facebook page;
    • Like this post, then give the correct answer to the question in the comments below;
    • The contest will run from May 23 until May 25;
    • The results will be announced on May 26.
    Everyone is encouraged to participate!
    Good luck and have fun!