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    Dear players!

    Check your vigilance! How much do you know the games? Write in comment below how many dragons do you see?Any Dragon Ring player can participate, just share and like the post on the Facebook and give the correct answer to.

    Contest terms:

    • Any Dragon Ring player can participate.
    • Only one answer is correct.
    • Only one answer can be given.
    • 15 players that gave the correct answer will be randomly selected and rewarded. If the number of correct answers is less or equal than 15, all those players will receive the reward.
    • The reward will be sent to the winners in private message on Facebook.
    • The contest takes place only on Dragon Ring Facebook page.
    • Like and share the post and then give the correct answer.
    • The contest will last until 27th of December.
    • The rewards will be sent on 28.12.2018

    Play the game

    Take part in the contest!
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