Explore the maze, turn the pet wheel and many other things to do!

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    An update was installed today! Let's check out what's new.

    Explore the Maze.
    Find your path to exquisite items from July 18th to 22th.

    Grab your lucky tickets and win the lottery in the new Lucky Draw event from July 18 to 21! Available for players above level 30.


    Goal Shooting

    From July 18 to 22 shoot balls and get rewards!

    Mystery shop

    From July 18 to 20 all lvl 50+ players will be able to enter the Mystery Shop and purchase Mystery Crystals to exchange them for precious items such as talent cards, fashion, dragon parts and other prizes!

    Summer of the Dragon

    Play, have fun, recharge and receive bonuses and rewards from Juky 19 to 25!

    Sweet House
    From July 19 to 25 get new pet fashion in the exhange shop!

    Challenge road
    Choose a road to follow and defeat all evil that stands in your way in the Challenge Road event from July 19 to 25.

    Cross-server Flower Rating

    Take part in the event from July 19 to 23.

    Recharge rewards
    From June 19 to 30 2 recharge to get amazing prizes!

    Limited-time Rebate.

    On July 21, test your luck and get a generous Rebate!

    Egg Crack

    From July 22 to 25 crack the egg and get rewards!

    From July 22 to 24 you will be able to take part in Goddess Card event. Use balens to draw blanks on the left, each level has 20 ordinary and 1 special final draw, the special one can be used after 20 ordinary draws. If you activate one row or column, you will be able to open the chest near them. 40 rounds are available per day. The main reward you can get is talent card fragments.
    The event is available to lvl 80+ players.

    Gold chest

    From July 23 to 26 buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys.

    Royal Brewery.

    From July 23 to 27 show your brewing skills and collect different items!

    Pet Field.

    Use silver and golden picks to get pet items from pet eggs.

    Shake the Tree
    From June 26 to 27 shake the magic tree to get awesome rewards!

    Recharge revelry

    From July 27 to 31 you will get a great opportunity to take part in the Recharge Revelry event! Top-up, get the chests for your recharges and use these chests in order to get precious rewards such as talent cards, runes and gems!

    Mount Capsule

    From July 28 to 31 you will get an opportunity to test your luck in the Mount Capsule event. Use Mount Lucky coin to open capsules!

    Wheel of Joy

    Wheel of Joy will be available from July 28 to 31. Spin the wheel!

    Pet Wheel
    Pet Wheel will be available from July 29 to 31. Spin the wheel to get vital pet progression items!

    Have fun!
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