Everything You Want to Know About Gems

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    Everything You Want to Know About Gems

    As soon as you get upgradeable armor gems come into play. Level 35 the gems icon appears on the bottom of the screen. This is a good way to strengthen your character and heroes to improve your Battle Rating (br). Here are the basics that everyone needs to know.

    Types of Gems

    There are 9 types of gems that are used in the armor. The level of your armor determines how many slots are open for example level one Armor has 2 slots ready for gems to be socketed. As the level increases on the armor the available slots increase until they reach 8 slots.

    Aqua= Block

    Blue= Magic Attack (MATK)

    Green= Healing Power (HP)

    Lavender= Break Block

    Orange= Physical Defense (PDEF)

    Pink= Anti Crit

    Purple= Magic Defense (MDEF)

    Red= Crit

    Yellow= Physical Attack (PATK)

    What Goes Where

    Pay attention to your gems and remember that the Main Character is always a Physical Attack just as the Shield is always a Physical Attack hero, while the Assist character and Sword Character is always a Magic Attack hero.

    Main and Shield Example


    Sword and Assistant Example


    You will see that there is only a single gem that changes with the main/shield and the sword/assist characters. That difference is the PATK and MATK gems are placed on the proper relating character the other has no affect so it is not used.


    To socket means to put the gems into the slots to strengthen the armor during battles. Start with level one and work them all the way up to level 12.


    Soul Engraving

    The soul engraving boosts the gems to even higher levels as they increase. Soul Engraving Crystals are added until the next level is reached. In this example, there are 8 of 15 already placed. This boost does not apply to the magic defense or the physical defense gems but it does to all of the others. As you can see the level 6 gems and above get good boosts.



    This is the tem used to upgrade the gems from one level to the next. It takes 2 level one gems to make a level two gem. It takes 2 level two gems to make a level 3 gem and so on. When you see the arrow at the bottom of a gem you can click it and it will auto synthesize the gem in question. This means unless you just want to sit and synthesize the gems you don’t really have to synthesize them individually.


    Gem Crafting

    When the Gems get to level eleven and twelve then they can be combined to craft a new and stronger gem.




    Gem Recycling

    There are times when you may no longer need the higher gems so the recycling allows you to break the gem down to lower levels again.



    We hope this helps to assist you in all your gem needs. Feel free to ask questions as well.
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