Etheria was updated again!

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    On October 27 an update was installed! Check it out!

    New hero
    Revenge guard is a powerful hero, who is the evolution of Inflamed Guard, is sure to surprise you during the Halloween Party. Don't miss her out!

    Kali was added in the Angel Awakening System.

    Halloween is in the game!

    Ghost Ship Adventure
    A ship filled with hot items is ready. Are you well prepared?

    Halloween Special Chest
    Open the chest to get various kinds of Halloween-themed components.

    New items were added!
    1. Angel Essence Chest
    2. New Totem Chest

    The X-server Lucky Chest is optimized to make it more enjoyable. Check it on Oct.28th.

    1. Fixed the Block function bug in Chatting area.
    2. Fixed the bug that players couldn't open battle log while chatting in Alliance Expedition.

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