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    Take part in some great activities! You can gain some amazing items that will grant you victory during the hot battle in Dragon Blood! Prepare yourself before the lights come up.

    Daily Snipe
    On August 22-23 take part in a great event and don’t miss an amazing sale - Daily Snipe! There will be several items on sale in the Bargain. Items will be refreshed every hour.


    Pet Breeding
    The event is available to lvl 70+ players.
    On August 23 you will receive prizes according to your pet progression, moreover you can recharge during the event and get more bonuses!


    Surprise Earth Rune Packs Sale
    An amazing event - Surprise Earth Rune Packs Sale - will last from August 23 to 24. Buy Earth Rune Packs using Recharge Balens during the sale! A super bonus is waiting for you!


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