Elemental Zone

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    What is wrong with you game developers? We, as players, depend on you to keep the glitches out of the games you make, yet we have posted several times on many of the same glitches in the game. Yet nothing is ever done and we don't even get a reply from anyone to let us know you read them. Or, the game monitors commenting on what can be done about it. What good does support do when you can't file a support ticket (due to a glitch), never get any replies to community posts, or the game being fixed properly. There seem to be plenty of updates, but it seems the updates cause MORE glitches. Why can't you at least recognize the comments? I have not been able to collect my Hot Events due to the events I can't even get in to play!! For the past 3 nights, I have not been able to go into Elemental Zone. The page just goes to an empty Home Page, and I have to refresh. I have tried several ways to get into it, but same thing happens. When you click on Enter, it stays at the page you are on, but it is blank - has none of the boxes to go into. Please help us out, as it is very frustrating when you can't even get to 700 points to collect!