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    This feature is available to players which level reached 55 lvl or higher.

    You can access Element Training icon by clicking on Element Training which can be found at the bottom of your screen.
    (See picture below).
    Or you can access this system by opening your character window and click on Element tab.
    (See picture below.)

    After opening Element Training, basic window with Element Pack will be opened.
    1.) There are 6 slots where you can put your gained Elements. You can equip the same quality elements but their Attributes have to be different.
    2.) This window will show you what bonus after upgrading your Elements your mail character will gain.
    3.) Element Scrolls can be gained from killings mobs (as their drop reward) from Elemental Zones (lvl-55-64 /65-74/XXXXX). They are used to level up /higher Element Growth EXP bar.
    4.) Element Core Stat Boost: Higher the Element Growth EXP higher % of boost will your core receive.
    5.) Element Pack: This is the place where your newly gained Elements/Cores will be stacked. You can Sort, Synth or Recycle your Cores.

    Recycling Element Cores:
    If you gained enough of Elemental Cores (6 of them which you will use/need) then you no longer have any use to other Cores that are still in your Element Pack. Simply click on Recycle button so the Recycle window will appear. After Recycle shows double-click on the cores you do not wish to have anymore or 1-Click insert the quality of cores you want to recycle, your Cores will be recycle to Element Scroll depending on their quality. (Higher the quality higher the amount of Element Scrolls gained).

    Element Combo buff
    Equip particular Core to trigger Element Core Buff.

    You can access Elemental Zone by clicking on icon at the top of your screen. (See picture below).
    Then you will have 2 options on which Zone you wish to enter. (Higher leveled players have access to higher level maps inside the Elemental Zones).
    We have entered Zone called Erromango Island. This zone is available to lvl 55-64 or higher players. You will be sent into a map like this. (See picture below).
    1.) This cursor on map represents your character so you will know where you are now.
    2.) Red Glowing dots represent BOSSes of the map from who you may gain biggest rewards.
    3.) Orange color represents Elite mobs and it’s second strongest other than BOSS.
    4.) Blue represents Common mobs which hold kill buffs. After you kill this mob you will gain buff for your character while being in this map. When exiting, your buff will be lost.
    5.) Green represents Basic Mobs which holds as well special skills buffs as Common mobs.
    *Please be aware that the stronger mob you challenge the more Stamina will be consumed.
    Red = 50 Stamina
    Orange = 30 Stamina
    Purple = 20 Stamina
    Blue = 10 Stamina
    Green = 5 Stamina

    Mobs Difference:
    There are 3 types of Mobs, those are Fire, Ice and Electro each of them holds onto Element Cores of their type. Kill these mobs to gain powerful Cores!