Easter holiday

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    Festive days are coming! From March 29th till April 3rd Sanctum will be celebrating Easter. And there will be tons of events and activities, dedicated to it.

    - First of all, don't miss a special login event, with special prizes for 1, 3 and 5 subsequent days of login. Just to remind you, that you are awesome just for entering the game world.

    - Secondly, take part in World Boss battles. Easter rewards will be waiting for you for 1, 3 and 5 challenges. Because no dragon dares to ruin the celebration!

    - Challenge the opposite Faction on the Easter Battleground. Well... have you ever seen a holiday without a good brawl?

    - Enter the Easter Multi-player dungeon. Fight as a team, party as a team!

    Also don't miss an Easter Amber recharge event and special offers in the game shop.
    We hope you'll enjoy the celebrations!

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