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    Dragon Curse Seals is newly added content as of August 1st, 2020, that will show up under the Equip icon. You will find a new fifth tab, as shown in below image. This new content will only open up for people at level 179 or higher. So if you can't see it, that's the reason. It looks like this :

    Dragon Curse Seal tab under Equip icon

    As you can see at the bottom left, you are required to collect Curse Seal Points. You will find those points in Curse Seals. These Curse Seals look like this:
    Dragon Curse Seal

    Each Seal contains 10 points, so the example above with 150 Curse Seals, is worth 1.500 points already. As you can see in the first picture, you need 5.000 points for a level 1 Dragon Curse. You have to activate them through the Insert tab (on the right).

    Level 1 Dragon Curse acquired

    Opening a curse level, will let you keep the gathered points. So for level 2, where you need 10.000 points, you will need to gather 5.000 points extra. You don't start over from zero.

    Once you open up a level, you need to move to the next tab, Enhance. This only opens when you have acquired at least level 1. Clicking the tab before you acquired level 1, won’t do any good. You need enhancing stones, they look like this.

    Dragon Curse Enhancement stones

    Clicking the Enhance tab, will open this screen :
    No more stones left to go from 8 to 9 with a HIGH chance, though.

    The enhancing is not a “straight on” thing. With every new try to enhance, you have a chance to enhance the curse to the next level. This chance moves from low, over normal to high and extremely high. That means that, if you’re lucky, you’ll get an enhance when the chance is low, or, if you’re unlucky, you can even altogether miss the next level, spending stones for nothing, when the chance is extremely high. Image 3 shows that you can get it to 9/9.

    Detail of Enhancing Dragon Curse Level 1

    You can get it up to 9/9. Once you get level 2 there. This level 2 will require you to upgrade the enhancement level to 19. Level 3 will let you enhance up to 29. It’s reasonable to believe that this will continue in a progressive way, throughout the next levels.

    Once you get into the higher levels of enhancing, you will also need to combine the stones, to get level 2 stones (and later level 3 stones, and possibly higher). Conversion rate is 5 level 1 stones against 1 level 2 stone; 5 level 2 stones against 1 level 3 stone. It's paramount to start collecting these enhancement stones as early on as possible.

    Combining dragon curse enhancement stones to higher levels

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    Now - how to get these Curse Seals and these Enhancement stones?

    Basically, you will get your daily ration of Curse Seals for doing spirit quests, and claiming the chests. You get 10 curse seals for chest 5, and 25 for chest 6.

    Get 10 Curse Seals for Chest 5 in spirit quests

    Get 25 Curse Seals for Chest 6 in spirit quests

    People that have not yet reached level 179, will not be able to see these curse seals, nor get them. Other places to find the seals:

    Exchange Shop for Dragon's/God's Treasure. Bottom right lets you buy 40 seals per day


    There are a couple of instances in the startup event: **note: Recharge**


    t is to be expected that more curse seals purchases will be added to upcoming events.

    The Dragon Curse Enhancement stones are in the Cross Server shop. This is the shop for doing Mirrors, so go to the tab reincarnation. Bottom right lets you buy a maximum of 20 Enhancement stones per day.

    Cross Server Shop - reincarnation

    Sometimes, you will only find these if you enter the shop from the server side, not if you are doing mirrors and enter the shop there. Yes, there is a difference in content of the shop sometimes, according to which entrance you use. Use the button on the bottom right of this image to go in from server side.


    DRAGON CURSE SEALS, rehashing

    Superfluous, maybe, but as some players freak out seeing they need 5.000 points, it’s a good idea to make it very clear. Remember, there's a difference between seals and points. So, let’s do the math: You get 35 seals daily, that's 350 points. You can buy 40 more seals daily, that's 400 points. That means you get 750 points daily for just doing your spirit quests and getting all 6 chests.

    Day 1 = 750

    Day 2 = 1500

    Day 3 = 2250

    Day 4 = 3000

    Day 5 = 3750

    Day 6 = 4500

    Day 7 = 5250

    You get to 5.000 in a week without recharging.

    The Dragon Curse level will add strength directly to your Main character. You can see in the pictures what stats are affected, and to what amount.

    As with many features in this game, you can also strengthen the curses with so called Crystals. At the time of writing this, these have just been added to the game, and are only found in recharges. As with other stones, you can level them up. The picture shows level 1, 2 and 3 of those crystals.

    Leveling up higher is possible, but to allow those crystals to be put in the slots, the player will have to progress further through the curse seals, and – in this case – get 55.000 points first, unlocking the level 4 curse. It stands to reason to think that you can’t add crystals of a higher level than the curse level you have acquired.

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    You can also watch this to see it with your own eyes after you read the explaining here :p
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    Dragon Curse Seal Levels and Stat's Buffs

    At this moment Dragon Glory own only 15 Dragon Curse Seals;
    Dragon Curse Seal buff just some kind of Stat:

    If you are looking to buff as well your CRT and Break-BLK then you can start collect Curse Crystal's.

    Example: Level 1 CRT Crystal would give +300BP(Battle Power) and +400 CRT for the Stat.
    Combine 2 same Crystal's to get an higher grade.

    Before you buy an higher grade Crystal, make sure you had before on that spot 1 lower grade.
    Before you add an Level 2 Crystal, make sure that spot used an Level 1 Crystal.
    Before you add an Level 3 Crystal make sure that spot already used an Level 2 Crystal.
    Before you add an Level 8 Crystal make sure before on that spot was an Level 7. So on...

    Only Enhancement of the Dragon Curse adds Stats of the character with each level up:

    *Break-BLK ;

    download.png download-1.png download-2.png download-3.png download-4.png download-5.png download-6.png download-7.png download-8.png download-9.png
    download-10.png download-11.png download-12.png download-13.png download-14.png
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