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    Startin in C major. Do you care about your players? Because I see you not. Furthermore you have us deep in your arse.
    In my server, and as i guess on whole platform, Team Arena didnt work from 3 days. After few sec of grey screen we recived onscreen information "Log failed. Refresh your browser" If do or not(same result), and create new group its exact the same, Log Failed.... and so on.

    More, we have not received ANY recompensation for your mess, with DW at time changing, failed event and the like when was your fault, not our, not particular mine, my friend, enemy etc but whole server.
    Also we didnt get any gift code where i see ppl in other servers(and platform also) get. Its about from when you put Gaia awakening stone 5/day in Hot Events.
    Ah, Hot Events, nearly do not work, 50/50 chances that it will work, but about 2min loading - only HE window with black blank space, without content pops up immediatly. For content we want colect for activities we have wait 2min... few times in row, sometimes at first shot, sometimes restarting browser after 10 attempts does not help.

    And stop asking for srceenshots, just move your arse and do something, take interest. We dont care about your personal relations with GTA/Youzu. Some of player still wanna play. The mostly rest just threw up the game. Eg in SS Tycoon there are about 20players insead of ~80 1.5year ago. You live in clover... or like a donut in butter(its an idiom for translating) still gaining cash from thos who are proud with they vanity to be in first 3 in every event and do nothing. Yea, that vanity also concern you about your laziness. Only new contet which is getting easier to foreseeable and even you dont wanna to translate it to match for LoA. Not to mention about shops in events, HoC, Capsule, Craftmaster.... You add from time to time some bit older fairy, mounts or evo... but you know very well its not a work it simulation of your work that would look like you do something. No, you not. And to be clear I dont expect you give everything for free. No. Our fee of your content is playing, spending time for doing dailies, events. Those who play more they get more, i take it as obvious.

    I dont care what is on R2-games, even here in GTA servers, but you are distribute the game to my platform so i turn this words to you.

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    players from S1

    PS. I postet same thread on GTA forum so pls dont blame or redirect us to GTA and vice versa