Diamonds AGAIN

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    I want to know who the HELL is getting MY diamonds!!!! I tried once again to buy diamonds and low and behold I did not get them AGAIN!!! Is this a Tycoon thing????? The single server Tycoon I bought 4K twice, and was charged and got NONE of the bonuses with the purchase as well - but it sure shows on my game account that they were purchased AND on my bank account. What the heck is going on here??? Take our money and do nothing about it - you are THIEVES!! I have refreshed so many times, my computer is wondering what is going on, yet no diamonds are appearing! Now, it is Cross-server Tycoon, and I thought I would try - sure enough, it shows on my game account balance as a purchase and on also in my banking information. I am sick of this and will be contacting xsolla AGAIN!! JERKS