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    Whats the big idea here.

    Do you intenionally casue problems for people in game. Or are you stealing Real life monies to line your pockets.

    2x Cross server weddings running at the same time. Message chat interlinks with each other. 1 Cross server party screams cakes cakes we need more cakes!. whilst in the other cross server party the message appears in their chat so they buy more cakes for their cross server event and noone is in their to claim such rewards.

    Either this is a serious DEFECT in the game or are you intentionally cause players to spend monies (real life) to line your pockets. This mishap has caused 2 players to loss valuable rubies because they are reading another cross server party which is asking for more cakes and has nothing to do with the other party.

    Sort this out, this is wrong, so wrong. We will make people aware of this.....
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    ALL cs chats are linked.
    Weekend team dungeons, cs team, gods treasure/dragons treasure, eternal battle/killing field/total war - ALL share same world chat (it is world chat after all). This has been the case from the start.

    There can be 2 cs parties at the same time. Which party you see advertised depends on your server.

    Judging from earlier's cs party and also yesterday's, the server split is currently s1-124 going to any parties held by s1-124 couples, and s125-126 going to any parties held by s125-126 couples. This is clearly unbalanced. From reading world chat yesterday, it sounds like the s125-126 party went wrong and although it was announced there was nothing there (in future if that's the case, screenshot and put in a ticket).