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    Greetings to almost everybody, I want to welcome the most new issue that I have got tonight on this game, to be fair and square I don't know how much is glitched my account and I don't know why, since cleaning up all the browser with the best cleanning suite and programs or even using a private tab (these that use adults to watch stuff) can't stop this trouble.

    The things that you must watch on the picture that I am trying to upload here, its the message, I spent my last 8 cross server coins on throwing flowers and I was unable to claim the pack, look closely there were more than ~14k of points and I just missed it. I have more issues that I had mention in another post but now lets focus on the spending of cross server coins because I find out that its the big deal, I didn't hit lvl 90 yet but I am close enough to worry about it, since I would just waste any cross server coin to get nothing back.

    So, again, if anyone can check this out, I would be pleased:

    username: meow; server: lizard (I forgot the number aside). any comment is welcome here, say what you think because I'm already nervous about this situation.

    Since the file goes over 1MB, I have to upload it on an external website: