Important Cross-platform: playing on Facebook and 101XP portal

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    Cross-platform (a possibility to play on Facebook and 101XP portal)

    1. If you have never been on the portal, please just log in here using a Facebook account.


    Your character will be transferred automatically.

    2. Enter the Dragon Blood game: and select the server, which you are playing.

    3. For better security, we recommend you to link your e-mail address to your account. You could log into the portal using your e-mail or a Facebook account.

    If you already have a Facebook-linked 101xp portal account, but the transfer was not completed, we recommend that you do the following steps:

    Open your profile and in the Account section, click Unlink under the Facebook tab.

    Then just repeat steps 1 and 2.

    If you have any problems with the character transfer, please contact the technical support:
    They will surely help you.