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    Dear players, we decided to make you happy with good news. We decided to run a contest divided into stages.
    1) 05.02-08.02 there will be a competition with questions All participants who answered 4-5 questions correctly will go to the next stage, and those who did not manage to answer the questions correctly will receive valuable promo codes. (You have to send answers on our Dragon Blood facebook site in private message)
    2) 09.02-11.02 in the second stage you will need to write your love story in Dragon Blood (for example, describe whether you met free love or best friends in the game, when you met and why you like your game friends). Leave your story in comment below. Additionally you can add screenshots from the game with your friend or love. We will randomly select 5 (who have won in stage 1) winners that will advance to the next stage.
    3) 12.02-15.02 write Valentine's Day wishes in comment below and like this post. Those winners who meet all the rules will be the winners.
    All participants who take part in the contest but did not pass all the stages will receive valuable prizes.