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    Heroes! Do you want to receive valuable rewards for meeting simple rules? Then let's play little hide and seek and answer couple of questions from the secret wanderer in the world of Queen of Dragons! You need to find him in the vast lands of the game and tell the magic code word "Knock! Knock!" in order to awaken the wanderer and get an offer to pass the quiz. Answer all questions and get guaranteed awards:

    Players who correctly answer 13 questions will receive "Shy Crackers" - this reward is given to only one player.
    The player who answers 10 questions correctly will receive the "Magic Sovereign Sword" - this reward is given with no limit on the number
    The player who answers 9 questions correctly will receive the "Sacred Tree Dragon" - this reward is given with no limit on the number

    All other participants – receive promotional codes

    Stay tuned for in-game announcements to get a hint on where to find the Wanderer!

    Terms of the contest - a week from the date of launch.

    All awards will be sent within three days after the end of the contest.