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    Common questions

    have been put into spoilers, with different categories. Simply click the spoilers to view the topcis, and click them again, when you wish to hide them.

    Heroes and characters:

    Is there any difference between male and female characters?

    The difference between male and female characters is purely cosmetic. The character’s gender does not influence the gameplay. The only difference between male and female, is who they can marry.

    What stats do characters have?

    Characters have plenty of parameters: Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), Hit Points (HP), Piercing (PEN), Evasion (EVA), Critical Hit Chance (CRT), Accuracy (HIT), Armor (STA)

    How is Battle Rating calculated?

    Battle rating takes into account a character’s stats and as well the following:
    • Equipment (forging, sets...)
    • Gems
    • Female Dragons
    • Skills

    How do I improve my Battle Rating?

    • Use consumables to increase the number of stars your character has;
    • Level up, enhance and upgrade equipment, insert gems into sockets.
    • Use enchanting to upgrade gems and increase their stats;
    • Summon Female Dragons and replace them as higher level Female Dragons become available, upgrade patron constellation;
    • Obtain weapons;
    • Find your soulmate, arrange a marriage, upgrade your marriage ring and develop personal bonds. (not in game yet)

    How do I improve my skills?

    A character’s battle rating can be slightly improved by improving skill levels and obtaining new skills. Each time you level up you will be able to upgrade an existing skill as long as you meet the necessary requirements (character level, etc.)

    How do I level up my character?

    You can gain experience by adventuring in single instances - the higher level of instance, the more experiences you get. Also you can get experiences by completing story quests, killing bosses or participating in various events.

    Which attacks do characters use?

    All characters use physical attacks regardless of class.

    How do I change my character’s name or gender?

    Character’s name and gender can be changed by using a Trait Change Card. You may purchase them at the store using topazes.

    When do marriages become available?

    Marriages become available in future.

    What are gems and how do I put them in my equipment?

    Gems are special items that can be put into equipment to boost your character stats. Every piece of equipment comes with certain number of sockets.

    To put a gem into the socket click on "forging" icon and then select tab "Encrust gems".Select a piece of equipment you wish to improve and put a gem into it.

    Can I create several characters on the same server?

    No. Only one character per server can be created. Other characters have to be created elsewhere. You need to create a separate user account if you’d like to create a second character on the same server.

    Gameplay-related questions:

    How do I get gold?

    You can get gold by completing quests, killing bosses and participating in various events.

    What do I need bounded topazes for?

    B.topazes can be used to make the same purchases as with topazes, with certain exceptions.

    How do I get gems?

    Gems you can acquire from topaz store. Unfortunately not by b.topazes.


    How do I join a guild?

    You may join a guild at lvl 64. Click the Guild icon and choose the guild you want to join in the new window, and then press ‘Apply’. You’ll join the guild as soon as the guild leader or a guild officer approves your application

    How do I create a guild?

    You may create a guild at lvl 64. Click the Guild icon and enter the name of your new guild in the new window, then press ‘Create’. Creating a guild will cost you some topaz rubies.

    Can I trade items with my friends or send them gifts?

    Yes. To do so, open your friendlist (below map), choose a friend and click "Start trading"

    Trading window will look like this - on left side is offer from your friend, right side is your (just click on item in bag to move it there).

    If you are satisfied, click "block the deal" and window will be locked. Once you both will click on block, trade is complete.

    Why should I join a guild?

    Guilds are an excellent way to socialize, organize boss groups, find friends, participate in special guild events and get reward chests.


    Why can’t I load the game?

    Check the speed of your Internet connection. Try clearing cookies and your browser’s cache. Try using a different browser. If the problem persists, please contact our support. Remember to include your character name and server, and attach a screenshot with your problem, if possible. Additionally, remember to check the news in case the server is undergoing maintenance.

    Can I add a player from a different server to my friend list?

    No. Only people from the same server may add each other to their friend lists.

    Can I transfer my character to a different server?

    Transferring a character to a different server is impossible. You will need to create a new character if you wish to play on a different server.

    Can I transfer the in-game currency I purchased to a different server?

    No. Please be careful when crediting your account.

    How can I report other players for inappropriate behavior?

    There is usually a moderator on server who keeps an eye on the game chat. You may contact this person or post your complaint in the corresponding thread on the forums or discord, attaching a screenshot. You may also add the troublesome player to the ignore list.

    I found a bug. Where should I report it?

    Please contact our support. Try to describe the bug in detail and tell us exactly what happened before the bug occurred. Please remember to attach a screenshot.

    Some of my items, topaz, equipment or hirelings are missing. What should I do?

    Please contact our support immediately. Make sure to include your nickname, server, ID and briefly describe your problem. We’ll make sure to help you.
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