Cheater 30.Dreamer & maybe others

Discussion in 'Help and support' started by Zarco, Nov 18, 2016.

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    Nov 18, 2016
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    There are very many people ready to leave this game if nothing is done about the player 30.Dreamer and her flagrant cheating. She took advantage of a bug on the Sunday of the time change, where it allowed you to push the VIP gift button over and over and over for a solid hour receiving many VIP gifts. Considering you could press the button once every second, that is a great many VIP gifts she received. With that she has been able to elevate her BR from the lower 4M range to the mid 8M BR range in only 10 days. This is completely unfair to those of us that do cash and support this game. Some of those ready to leave are very high $$ cashers. I am not making this comment in any way as a threat but as a fact. They feel let down by the staff in protecting the balance and integrity of the game. I suspect she is not the only player that flagrantly abused that cheat. We don't care about the small abusers, the ones that got one or two extra boxes, those small amounts do not unbalance the game and are not completely unfair to those of us that spend great deals of money buying points. Its those that have increased their BR by a million or more points that are the problem. That is what is unbalancing the game and is unfair.

    It was bad enough when so many took advantage of the SPRING:OUTFIT bug in the Treasure Trove and now have that advantage over many players, having outfits they should not really have. The only way to balance that out though is to take away all the outfits that were not won legitimately or to make outfits available to everyone again, via the treasure trove again or whatever means is available.

    Remember, if and when all these players decide to leave, it will not just be Storm Riders that they leave, it will be ALL 101XP games that they leave, because they don't feel they have the support of the staff and they do not feel the games have any integrity. And simple business 101 is, when you have 1 dissatisfied customer, they tell 10 friends, who tell 10 friends and so on and so on. You won't have to worry about a merge anymore, you will simple just be able to close down 3 servers. There are truly that many people upset about this.