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    Dear players!
    Solutions of technical problems of any kind arising from the players took some time, but sometimes the time of solving the problem is greatly increased because of uncertain data or lack of data on the problem.

    Please create a theme in this section, follow these rules for handling that request can be processed as quickly as possible:
    • Be sure to include your nickname and the server;
    • Be sure to include the date and approximate time of the problem;
    • Describe the situation as accurately as possible, clearer, more;
    • If you have problems with obtaining or loss of items sure to specify the exact names of objects and the number;
    • If you have problems with the purchase of a diamond be sure to specify the amount of purchased balens, purchase amount and purchase methods Xsolla;
    • If the problem that you have sent a request to the technical support necessary to solve as soon as possible, create a theme with the request indicating numbers and all data.
    Thank you for your attention and enjoyable game!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.