Brand new Pet Wheel event and more!

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    Brand new event and other awesome things to do in the game!

    Pet wheel

    A new event for you!
    Spin the wheel to get vital pet progression items!
    The event will be available to players with lvl 70+ and VIP1 and higher, and on the servers that were launched more than 20 days ago.


    Surprise Wishing Token Sale
    From September 5 to 6 buy Wishing Token Packs during the sale! Super bonus is waiting for you!

    The event is available to lvl 65+ players.


    Wings Tailoring
    September 6

    Enter the game on September 6 and take part in Wings Tailoring! You will get bonuses for your Wings improvement!
    The event will be available to lvl 65+ players and on servers that were opened more than 30 days ago.


    Play Dragon Blood
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