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    Lately, I've been seeing some truly nasty interactions in CS. It has disturbed me, made me angry enough to screenshot and report to customer service, but most of all it has made me sad.

    Most of us continue to log in, not because this game is particularly fun, but because we really enjoy the company of our fellow players.

    Around Christmas 2017 I met Cardiac Arrest of Pandemic shortly after her server merged with mine. She sent me a pm one day and told me she added me as a friend because I made her laugh every day since we merged. Two weeks after that pm, she passed away. She never told me she was sick. I'm so glad I made her smile. I would never have gotten a chance to make up for having been mean if I had been.

    We don't know what trials any other player is facing. Please be kind.
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    One kind word can change someone entire day into better.
    Online beeing is the best not to be mean and bad to someone.
    We never know the behinde screen story.
    Peace to all and keep smiling!

    ''Good words are worth much and cost little!'' - George Herbert
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    i come to you to ease this troubled mind

    my friends from all over the world i find

    are here to do just the same

    to get together and play a few games

    some take these way to seriously

    they forget that these are games to set them free

    the name calling and bully techniques remind me of high school

    with all their little clitches and being seperated into little groups

    to pick on the weaker members seems the name of the game

    when oh when are they going to realize these are just games

    that perhaps instead of using the bully attacks and name calling

    that maybe they should help their weaker housemates from falling

    for as the saying goes your only as strong as the weakest link in your chain

    so wouldn't make sense to help them out to ease their pain

    no one wins when these games are reduced to who is stronger than whom

    instead we should make room for those who are weaker in form

    step back take a minute...think about what your saying before you open your mouth

    because words do hurt.and once spoken there is no way to take back whats been said

    whether said in anger or frustration once the words come out of your mouth there is no going back

    for once and always think of what your about to say and imagine how you would feel if it was said to you

    i am certain if you did this it would give you a different point of view.
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