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    “There is nothing as frustrating as a slow game or one that fails to load. “It can make one want to SCREAM!!”

    Here we will look at some of the common causes of poor game-play performance, or not being able to play at all.

    And how to fix them!

    The common causes of poor Game-play performance are:
    • Problems on your own computer (viruses, settings);
    • Problems with your own Internet connection;
    • Problems with the entire Internet in your region;
    • Problems with the 101xp servers;
    • Problems with your Browser program;
    • Glitches affecting everyone’s Game;
    • Glitches affecting just a few players of whom you are one - including having bits of two different, conflicting game versions inside your cache;

    Here is a useful link for when your game goes down!
    First Stage Diagnostics

    • Is it only you?
    • If yes, does it affect your other programs?
    • If not, then problem lies with 101XP, or your Browser settings.
    • If it affects other programs, look at your computer and Internet connection:

      - Run this Speed test: to NY.
      - If the results are slow, contact your Internet Service Provider.
      - Try playing on a Friend’s computer or in an Internet Cafe.
      - If there is no problem, look to your own machine. Try a different Browser.
      (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc)
      The recommended browser for Dragon Glory is Chrome. There are ways to fix it if other browsers work (below)
      - If it is only Dragon Glory affected, first try restarting your Game / Browser.
      - If that does not work, clear your caches.

    What are Caches?
    It would take ages if you had to download all the game information every single time you played! So to speed things up, developers store stuff on your hard disk so it is there already when you need it.
    These stores are called ‘caches’.

    There are several different caches on your computer, but the important ones are ‘Browser Cache’ and ‘Flash Player Cache’.
    (‘Adobe Flash Player’ is a little plug-in application program on your browser that handles the graphics of the game. It is notorious for giving problems; I call it ‘Crash Player’)

    Glitches are often caused when the Dragon Glory game stores info on your hard disk (to make the game load faster) - and then another game version or hotfix is installed with different information, so you have bits of 2 different versions on your disk.
    Then they fight with one another and the game may get glitched!

    You will need to flush (clean out) the two caches to remove all the old information, so the game can load fresh stuff:
    1. The Browser Cache: (Which you will find at the top right of your screen under Browser Settings > History; select only 'Cached items' else you may lose info)

    Shortcut for Browser Cache in Chrome browser = CTRL+SHIFT+DEL

    2. And the FlashPlayer Cache (which you access via the computer's Control Panel)
    Adobe Flash Player is an add-on program that is required to run the graphics of many games and other programs, of which Dragon Glory is one.

    How to clear the caches:

    1. Browser cache: Go to History in your browser; select History again, and then "Clear browsing data"

    In Chrome you get there by clicking Customize at the top right hand corner.
    Other Browsers have similar icons but name and exact placement may differ.



    And then select "Cached images and files"


    2. Flash Cache - you can clear this from the ‘Flash Player’ link in your computer’s Control Panel, for all Browsers except Chrome.



    To clear Flash on Chrome browser, go to:
    Delete all websites.

    Check if Flash is installed correctly - and that you have the latest version:

    Standard things to try:

    • restart your computer
    • clear both caches (browser and flash player)
    • make sure your FlashPlayer cache is set to Maximum
    • try different browsers.
      * If only one browser is bad, look at the settings in that browser;
      * if all browsers are bad, look at your computer or internet, or your Dragon Glory game account.
    • Sometimes changing browser may help temporarily!
      The Browsers (and Facebook too) do upgrades that are invisible to you, the user, constantly.
      Some of the changers may affect your game because of conflicts between one set of new computer code and another used by your game's designers and everything goes pear-shaped; then their programmers find out that there is a glitch and fix it - also without telling you!
      Then tomorrow the game works again!!
      That is why it is always worth trying a different browser!
    • Check to make sure your browser is the latest updated version. Even if your browser has an automatic update feature, it is often weeks behind, so you have to go in and manually update the browser.

    If your problems persists, report it on our forum or add ticket to our support.
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