Awesome weekend in Dragon Blood!

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    Lucky Capsule — began on November 3! Enter the game, open capsules and enjoy excellent prizes!
    Hurry up to test this lucky machine with great prizes inside!

    Use bound balens to open normal capsules and recharged balens to open advanced capsules! Upon using Super Capsules for Fashion Lucky Coin, you can receive rare rewards.

    The event is available for players level more than 85.

    Card draw
    From November 3 to 9 draw cards and be rewarded. Event will be available for all 70+ lvl players.
    Read the guidelines on how to participate here.


    From November 3 for those who want to receive generous gifts effortlessly check out “Vitality” event. Available for players 80+ lvl and for the servers that were opened more than 30 days ago.
    Soaring Mount
    From November 4 to 7 the game to take part in Soaring Mount event! You will get rewards by drawing; each draw will add the rate of getting mounts. Before you are rewarded with a mount the price and rate will increase after each draw. Finally, after you obtain the mount the price and rate will be reset back to 0.

    Play Dragon Blood!