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    Artifact Workshop Guide
    This feature is available to players which level reached lvl 70 or higher.
    You can access Artifact Workshop icon by clicking on Artifact Workshop which can be found at the top of your screen.

    Or you can access this system by opening your Party window and click on Zodiac” ——“Artifact Training” tab
    After opening Artifact Workshop, you can find 2 new features in the window.
    Socket Artifact & Burnish Artifact.
    There are Six different Crystals in this new feature showing as below.
    You can synth it under Forge——Synth

    Every 3 previous lv of crystals can be synthed to next lv which is not exchangeable.
    And the following pic shows the materials you need to synth, it’s called Grotto Heart.
    Lv1 to lv2 costs 1 lv2 to lv3 costs 3 lv3 to lv 4 costs 10 lv4 to lv5 costs 100
    Lv5 to lv 6 costs 500 lv6 to lv 7 costs 1000 lv7 to lv8 costs 5000

    All right, back to the Artifact Workshop.
    1) The first one you can see is Socket Artifact.
    It’s basically similar to the Gem Socket in Forge.But the number of the sockets is fixed.
    One for Green. Two for Blue. Three for Purple.
    Four for Orange Five for Red. Six for Golden.
    As soon as you chose what kind of crystal you want to use on the artifact of the certain guardian angel, you put it into the
    socket or double-click.
    Here is a pic of the Gold one with 6 x lv8 crystal one, without any burnishing yet.

    2) The second one is Burnish Artifact.
    It’s more like Gem Enhancement but for enhancing the crystals.
    Here, you will need Grotto Heart as well.
    The first socket’s chance you want to burnish (you can choose whichever you want to burnish first) is 50%
    second one is 25%, 12%, 6%, 3% and 1%

    Furthermore, all sockets need to reach the same Aura lv to be upgraded.
    (like finishing the Aura +2 for all then you can choose one of them to do the Aura+3.)
    Here is pics of a gold Heaven’s Melody with all lv8 crystals and Aura+6.