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    Dec 27, 2017
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    WHAT is going on with the arena???? I challenge someone, the "box" freezes, I have to refresh AGAIN and AGAIN, and I don't get credit for wins and it STEALS EACH ATTEMPT!!!!! This game is getting worse every day and I am sick and tired of it taking my attempts giving me NOTHING and making me have to pay diamonds for more attempts which do the SAME THING!!!! PLEASE, someone help me out here and give me some damn answers???????? The same thing happens in Raiders and it IS the game, not the people blocking - I know this for a fact since it will take away 2-4/5 attempts each time I do it, but will let me steal at the same time with the same person after taking away a few of my attempts. The game is glitched terribly and even my guild members (and other players not in my guild) are complaining about all of the issues. What is wrong with you game makers??? Are you seriously just 'taking our money for diamonds' and screwing us over?