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    Heroes, a new update is here! Want to know the details?
    Monster Blood

    Requirement: Ultimate Lv.6
    1. Monster Blood has 25 stages and each stage has 10 levels.
    2. Use Monster Essence to unlock the Monster Blood. Players can obtain this item in the new Multi-Dungeon - Icy Highland.
    3. Upgrade Monster Blood to get Stats Boost.
    Required items: Monster Essence

    Icy Highland

    Requirement: Ultimate Lv.6
    1. Clear the Icy Highland to evolve Monster Blood.
    2. Upgrade to Lv.76 to unlock the Icy Highland.
    3. There are 3 modes: Normal, Hard and Nightmare. Defeat 3 bosses and 2 teams of monsters to clear a difficulty.
    4. Players can obtain Monster Essence by clearing the Dungeon. Clearing the Dungeon will also spend player's Crusade Token.
    Output: Monster Essence

    Added a new set of Pharaoh:
    Pharaon Staff

    Pharaon Cloak
    Pharaon Badge

    Have fun!

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