A new angel arrived to Etheria!

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    Heroes, a new update has arrived to Etheria on October 25!

    New Angel
    Incredibly beautiful Celeste has arrived to Etheria from the distant Southern land. She's ready to join the League of Angels to help protect the kingdom!

    New Evolved Mount
    Jeweltone Turkey
    can evolve now! It proved itself in battle and can now be promoted to Shining Turkey and Radiant Turkey!

    New Sylph
    is ready to be your ally! Entrust him with the most difficult task or pit him against the strongest of opponents - he won't let you down!

    New Evolved Fairy
    The little Ruby Penguin unlocked his first evolution! Now he is more powerful than ever!

    In addition you can get a new amulet: Lunar staff (Lunar Priestess Exclusive)!

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