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    It will be 3 months on 280 for me this week, my server now has 25 people above 275 and 18 of that are at 280. Is the game going to give us more things to do and lift the cap soon? Some events are just not that useful anymore:
    • Swimming Contest – gives out b.gold. You have no use for it after you finish enhancing gear at 280 and maxed out the skills.
    • Escort – gives out merits and exp. Most of the people on my server are at “Chief Assistant”, the active ones will be maxed in 1.5 months and merits will have little use and the EXP you can’t use.
    • Exp Cards and Exp Orbs – no use at the moment, just occupying space in storage and inventory.
    Our server is also old, items are approaching maxed. I am maxed on some of the items in the game – making the rewards on most events/instance JUNK. Is the game going to add an exchange/converter of some sort to change our items into something that we can use?

    Example: When I recharge – I get the following on top of the few items that I can use:
    • B.topaz – with lvl cap and maxed items, there is not much there to buy… add other items to buy with b.topaz.
    • B.gold – no use anymore.
    • Exp orbs, Exp cards – no use, level cap.
    • Golden keys – no use at the moment, topaz treasury is bugged and messes up the game when opened.
    • Omnipotence Gems – maxed cant use.
    • Gems - it caps at lvl 10.
    • Medal – maxed can’t use, can easily max this one.
    Add an exchange/ item converter that will turn the upgrade gems to magic items for example or vice versa and use b.gold or b.topaz to pay for it. It will be useful for anyone maxed on items or not, people can use it to convert items to things they are short on. It can also be a combination of items to get a useful one.

    Game can also add:
    • a lottery with the items as currency, like what the game have right now for treasure tree with different currency/ticket a week.
    • a converter for the items to currency, if the items as currency wont work. …. 10 upgrade items for 1 ticket or something like that for the other lottery that is already in game.
    Also, the new event that was introduced doesn't really give incentive for people to go. Treasure is hard and it hurts. My server group of 10-12 people takes 30-40 mins to finish it. Most of the strongest people on the game have maxed items already, the rewards given are useless to people who are already maxed. Why would they go and spend that much time finishing it? You don't even get holy crosses for revives...

    Adding a way for rewards to be of use to anyone will help people do events/instance more.
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    Will forward this Solana, Thankyou