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    1. Loneliness
      Hello there. I have been playing avataria for 8 years,
      I have shared many bad behaviors in the game with the moderator page,
      and I request moderation in order to help as I see that there are many bad events in the game. Best regards.
      Nick: ʟσпεʟıпεƨƨ
      User Id: 5041161
      Name Surname: Özgür Çelik
      Age: 34
      Location: Turkey
    2. VGNex-
      Hello there, i want to inform about 2 troll players in the game "Eternal Magic" in server NA, please i need help
    3. Dragathiel
      hello there. where can i speak for purchase which never credit to my game?
      1. Zoe[12031570]_1
        You need to put a ticket in for tech support
        Apr 12, 2020
      2. Dragathiel
        I did but noone answer
        Apr 19, 2020
      3. Zoe[12031570]_1
        Hope you got and answer now, it has been difficult cause of everything going on with the COVID19. If not please try again
        May 5, 2020
    4. K9[27199256]_1
      Wondering about quiz rewards.
    5. player33180493
      I want to inform you of a problem with the moderator Sergio of the Facebook game, since this moderator is not doing his job well, he is influenced by other players to give out of nowhere, they should call the moderator's attention, the moderators are here to establish the rules for everyone, not for those that suit him ... do something ... he gave me 3 of my accounts
    6. Connie
      Please help me get back in my Happy Pets Game. It will not load all of the way.. I have sent 10 emails to 101 XP to tell me to clear cookies..I have done that and it is not from my side.Neighbors not loading--They are No Names and No Pictures...Can you please help us and fix both.I sure would appreciate it so very much. Please help..Game ID is 100000074311138 Connie Anderson..
      1. Zoe[12031570]_1
        I would recommend you put a ticket in for tech support :)
        May 31, 2019
    7. player28007609
      Hey someone interessting in Dragon Ring - Server 10 Down - Nothing Rules, Nobody tell us whats up
    8. player25202503
      I want to report some players in dragon ring server 16 I hope anyone answer
      1. Allyisah
        May 10, 2019
    9. အလွ
      when will things be fixed at queen of dragons? so many bugs so many complaints and there are some people that pay real money here
    10. carlos gleize
      carlos gleize
      please contact me one your administrator on avataria is over power other player because she like the boss of any player say do act and what they can wear in the game. please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_VHI_uRT0E the not all she doing or saying to other player who is a customer of the game and we do buy thing from your game i dont know why we get ban if we doing a event. carlos_gleize@yahoo.com
    11. Emskie
      It's been 2 weeks since I reported the issue for being banned and I already cleared this issue a week ago. Until now there is no response from your support team. Please do the needful, restore my character ASAP. Ticket
      ID: 357297
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