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Mar 20, 2017
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    1. Nefy
    2. player [20708165]
      player [20708165]
      hi im from server 115 and we are very low on players , sad enough im highest vip on server that is active. so was hoping we could merge or send some one to talk to my server please, before we lose them all.
    3. player24709839
      Hi Edward. Issue with Mod? "WESLEY" in CSA suddenly PMs me "thats inappropriate" I dont know him from anyone else, told him to piss off,posts same to chat, I told him to mind his business, he says he warned me twice and was reporting/muting me. no warning & no violation I am aware of. Paloma Amebl at 1055 PM EST
    4. Helli
      Hi Edward, I can't find anyone that does site help, so messaging you.
      I am unable to edit my forum settings, and my profile. I get the message "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
      Could this please be fixed as I would like to change my forum pic, and change/update my settings. If you don't handle this, could you handball it to some-one that does please?
      Thank you.
    5. Myrddin
      You banned me for 5 days for breaking CSA rules. I am level 137, Shandril is 118, Isabel Rose is 115. I provided screen shots. Did you even LOOK at our levels or team before banning me???? Screenshot of my level is here. https://forum-en.101xp.com/threads/errorcode-s1001.61850/#post-76165
      I expect compensation for that and an apology for all I lost.
    6. Niko [25563219]
      Niko [25563219]
      heads up, you guys may want to check levels in GvG again. Seeing a lot that don't belong in the brackets they are participating in
    7. Neamhain
      Can't find where to private message you.
    8. Iso[20339841]_1
      Edward, according to 101xp i have been banned from my server Gilead. My character name is Sircumsizer. They wouldn't tell me the reason or any details, but they referred me to you. Could you please explain why I was banned, and how long the ban will last?
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    9. Hadley
      Is this a Private Channel.. I would like to send Private message.. don't kw how
      1. Neamhain likes this.
    10. Luci [13455837]
      Luci [13455837]
      Can you respond to my messages please...
    11. SirBuddy
      I have been in contact with support about an issue with a mod and was advised to contact you about it but I can not send screen shots to u here is there another way I can contact you where I will be able to send you screen shots?
      1. DJraver
        u can actually upload the screen shot to a site like tinypic and then add ur link to the image on a post
        Sep 6, 2017
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