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  1. ☯ŇƗĦǤŦŴØŁ₣☯
    A very happy Valentine's day everyone
  2. player [20623542]
    player [20623542] Tricia
    queen of dragons sv 6 pls
  3. player [20623542]
    player [20623542] Tricia
    tower ey 2 mapına giremiyorum pilatin 4 lvl oldugum halde bi yardımcı olurmusun
  4. ☯ŇƗĦǤŦŴØŁ₣☯
    Good day everyone, happy gaming :D
  5. ☯ŇƗĦǤŦŴØŁ₣☯
    happy gaming everyone
  6. PooH
    PooH MichAnd
    when will things be fixed at queen of dragons? so many bugs so many complaints and there are some people that pay real money here
  7. PooH
    PooH viper_qld
    let me know where you go for next game
    1. viper_qld
      I am going to UO Excelsior, come play ill give you the highest lvl crafted armour and weapons and enough gold to build any size house/tower/castle
      Jan 27, 2019
  8. viper_qld
    viper_qld Tricia
    everyone that completes Awakening 3 stages gets 1-Turn title, no topaz gets blue title ,topaz gets gold title. Everyone gets this, the difference is the colour of 1-Turn title and the amount of Blue Demon Eyes required for polishing, no topaz needs 2500 materials for polishing topaz needs 1500. If you dont have the title you cant enter Tower of the Eye to get materials for polishing.
    1. Swihel
      i am gold 1-turn and i need 2500 materials for polishing
      Feb 1, 2019
  9. viper_qld
    viper_qld Tricia
    If you use no topaz you do standard god and get Standard god blue 1-turn to upgrade ,if you use topaz you get super god gold 1-turn upgrade. Dragonclow has no 1-turn at all. I know this because i have the blue 1 -turn and guild member has the gold 1-turn.
  10. viper_qld
    viper_qld Tricia
    I thought I would inform you of a player on server 1 that has been cheating, wearing higher than lv 160 equipment and has not completed Awakening, The player in question is Dragonclow, if he has cheated on this aspect he is most likely trying to find other ways to cheat as well.
    1. Tricia
      Hi viper, two different awakening. If you use topaz you get that upgrade. If you do no topaz awakening then in some reason it dont give you that upgrade.... Dragonclow has done no topaz awakening. Hope this explain.
      I'm gonna ask why no topaz awakening not give that upgrade.
      Jan 24, 2019
    2. viper_qld
      sorry Tricia but this tells me you are not very familiar with the game and aspects of awakening,will just let him keep cheating and the rest of us will leave
      Jan 25, 2019
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    3. viper_qld
      Don`t worry about, i am no longer going to waste my time,effort or money on this game.After i leave a third of server 2 population will leave soon afterwards.Some of them i will take with me.
      Jan 27, 2019
  11. viper_qld
    viper_qld Allyisah
    Why do you permit cheats on your server, the server you play on, Dragonclow wears pro 160 equipment and has not completed awakening, if he has cheated on this part he is bound to cheat on other parts
    1. Allyisah
      I have replied to your post in a thread. Sorry for late reply.. Ive been sick all week in bed.
      Jan 31, 2019
    hello there whats up girl yayayy
  13. mickaella
    mickaella urla4684
    could you help me pass my base to cell phone thanks bro
  14. [Robin Hood]
    [Robin Hood] MIKI
    i got help from meta
  15. [Robin Hood]
    [Robin Hood] MIKI
    miki my account was transfered thanks but the balance i had an the account i linked with fb on 101xp was not transfered to new one am using now, can you help please?, i sent in ticket already and info they asked for 3 hours ago
  16. M T Raza
    M T Raza [Robin Hood]
    Hi robin can you quickly refresh me with your issue
  17. [Robin Hood]
    [Robin Hood] MIKI
    if they cant do it just say, i wont wait a week for them
    1. M T Raza
      M T Raza
      ok Robin can you refresh me with your issue
      Jan 16, 2019
  18. [Robin Hood]
    [Robin Hood] MIKI
    miki my issue still not been fixed
    1. MIKI
      ok i again will speak to them and see what is going on
      Jan 16, 2019
  19. carlos gleize
    carlos gleize MichAnd
    please contact me one your administrator on avataria is over power other player because she like the boss of any player say do act and what they can wear in the game. please visit the not all she doing or saying to other player who is a customer of the game and we do buy thing from your game i dont know why we get ban if we doing a event.
  20. ☯ŇƗĦǤŦŴØŁ₣☯
    Happy gaming everyone